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15 Things You Don't Know About Autowatch Ghost Installers


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Autowatch Ghost Installers

310300814_438157535072560_44143179768643Our system is known as Ghost and it is a new generation immobiliser CAN that blocks car theft via key cloning. It is a Tassa verified product and recognised by insurance companies.

Our team of ghost installers is mobile and working all over the world. We are DBS security-checked, and vehicle and tracker-trained.

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Autowatch Ghost is an innovative immobiliser that does not require cutting wires. It is weatherproof and connects to the vehicle's CAN Bus Network. The device can be disabled by a variety of methods, including the mobile phone app, entering the PIN Code via the original buttons of the vehicle (Indicator stalk window or heater buttons), or by using an internal siren/vehicle horn.

The ghost comes with a feature that allows garages to start the vehicle and drive it without needing a unique pin code. The ghost can be changed at any time to a different PIN code. This will be demonstrated at the time of installation.

Just Jeeps is an authorised Autowatch ghost immobiliser installer. We can offer you a no-cost quote, and professional installation. We are TASSA registered which means we have a track record of experience and adhere to certain criteria for installation of systems that give customers, insurers and police confidence that the systems are installed properly and safely in accordance with manufacturers instructions by an accredited installer.

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The Autowatch Ghost vehicle lockout is a revolutionary product that will stop car thefts in their tracks. It can be fitted to nearly any vehicle, and is weatherproof. It has a number key features, including an emergency pin-code bypass.

This innovative device is the first aftermarket immobiliser to use CAN bus technology and is a Tassa approved product. It can be used on any vehicle, and it prevents key fob cloning, as well as ECU hacking. The system utilizes the vehicle's original buttons to communicate with the device. This means that it can't be detected by diagnostic scanners or radio signals. This system is a game changer in vehicle security. It's not able to be taken by putting in new keys, or by replacing the engine controller unit.

We have developed a safe iPhone application that can be used to control the Ghost immobiliser. All communication between the Ghost and the application is encrypted, which means that no one else is able to copy your PIN code or gain control of your vehicle. All you need to do is use the app and keep it running in the background with Bluetooth enabled. You can then drive away and get back into your Ghost quickly. It eliminates the requirement for a button disarming sequence and can also be used even when the Ghost is asleep in your pocket.

We are Tassa approved

Online thieves can easily scan and clone vehicle keys with the cloning tools & door lock picking kits that are available. It is essential to install an immobiliser in your vehicle. This will prevent thieves from being able to start up your vehicle and drive it away.

The Autowatch Ghost 2 - Tassa Verified immobiliser is the newest high-end security system. It connects to the CAN data network in your vehicle. It will not allow you to start your vehicle without completing an exclusive sequence of buttons. It also has a valet/service mode that allows you to drive your car without having to enter the PIN code.

Once connected to the CAN network, this invisible immobiliser can send a signal to your ECU (Engine Control Unit). This disables the vehicle's engine and prevents it from being started. The device is fully invisible to thieves, and cannot be taken away or altered in any way. The Ghost is weatherproof and is so small that a thief would need to physically be in your vehicle to be able to see it. It can also be changed to an alternative pin code at any time, and comes with an emergency Pin Code override button.

Autowatch has been working to ensure that their products are fully tested and compatible with your vehicle. If you are considering this kind of installation, it is essential to use an installer that is TASSA-approved. This will show the third party, such as insurance companies that the system was installed correctly and will work. This increases the level of confidence in the product, because it has been thoroughly tested and is appropriate for the purpose it was designed to serve.

All TASSA approved installers will set up your porsche 911 ghost installer in a professional way and will ensure that you are happy with the installation before leaving. They will also give a TASSA certificate to you to show that they are an approved installer. The certificate is free and valid for 7 days.

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Autowatch Ghost is an immobiliser for your vehicle that guards your car from hacking, key cloning, and other types of theft. It generates a PIN code using the buttons on your car. You must enter this code before you can start your engine. It also connects to a smartphone application and gives you real-time notifications in the event that your vehicle is stolen. This allows you to easily track your vehicle and return it if it is stolen. You can also connect it to an GPS device to follow your vehicle wherever it goes.

The Ghost is hidden in the wiring of your vehicle and is nearly impossible for thieves and vandals to track down and disable. It doesn't also emit a radio frequency signal so thieves can't be able to capture it in order to unlock your vehicle. You can change the PIN code anytime. This will be demonstrated during the installation process.

You can connect the Ghost to an app that you can run on your phone to control it from anywhere. The app will let you know where your car is, what it's doing, and what battery power it's still running. It's easy to use and will aid in keeping your car safe. It will track your vehicle and give you an emergency button to activate the alarm.

It is best to employ a professional to install your autowatch ghost system. They'll be able install the system quickly and will make sure that your vehicle is safe. You can also get an assurance on their work. You can be sure that the company is TASSA-verified and you can be sure that they will adhere to the standards for system installation.

The Ghost is a revolutionary device that connects to the CAN data network in your vehicle and protects it from hacking and cloning. This is a great option for those who want to prevent theft without having to spend a lot of money on an expensive aftermarket device. It's a great option for those who have been victims of theft in the past. Ghost connects to the CAN network to stop this. Many of these criminals utilized the OBD to hack into cars. This technology prevents thieves adding aftermarket keys or changing ECUs to steal a vehicle.
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